And so the voyage starts…

Welcome to D’ici et D’ailleurs! World citizen!

My name is Nene. If you are a culinary adventurer, this site will make you want to discover the cuisine of West Africa and the world, come with me to discover another world full of flavors and exotic colors.

I’ll be working to present you recipes that are from my travels in Africa, Europe, America, and Oceania. During my travels, I was able to interact with cooking enthusiasts who trained and inspired me in the making of my many Mets.

I invite you to visit this blog frequently to find my latest adventures and recipes, you will find photos, videos and occasionally songs typical of the regions visited.

In this, my very first blog, I will tell you about this recipe that is Yassa. It is very simple and easy to perform. It is a recipe of Senegalese origin and adopted by most countries of West Africa. If it is found in the daily dishes of families, it is that it is very accessible to all … poor as rich. It is a universal dish that adapts to all budgets.

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